About Crocker, Missouri

Crocker, MO


Crocker, Missouri's history began in 1869 with a freight and express depot on the Frisco Railroad.  A trading post, Humbolt was established on the site of what is now Crocker in 1854, but the small settlement disappeared when Crocker began to grow as a rail shipping point.  Crocker grew around the train depot and earned the name Crocker after E.H. Crocker, an early stockholder in the Frisco Railroad.

         In the early years to come, Crocker was a busy railway town.  Railroad ties, furs, hides, game, poultry, eggs and produce were brought to Crocker and shipped out to various parts of the country.  Cattle, mules, horses, hogs and sheep were later added to the exports.  In addition Crocker became a mail pickup and distribution service for 22 surrounding towns,  Stops were not necessary.  The trains slowed as they neared the depot and a “catcher” on the trains removed the outgoing mail pouch from a trackside rack.  Heavy bags of incoming mail were thrown from the trains as they passed by.

         In 1870 Crocker’s first schoolhouse was built.  Sadly, Fire destroyed the school in 1933, but a new brick building was constructed.  Later in 2002, the brick building was torn down to make room for their current high school.             

         Today Crocker is a strong and thriving community with a population of 1,110.  To see a little part of Crocker history, visit the Crocker Depot Museum located at 104 -10th Street, across from the Post Office.



Glen Smith

Municipal Council Members

Ashley Burton

Denise York

Lorie Layman
Jeff Curry

City Clerk

Opal Gibbs

Police Cheif

Nick Pappas

Municipal Court Staff

Clerk- Kimberly Henson
Judge- Buck Tanner

Public Works Superintendent

Don Theberge